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May 2022 – Map and Territory

Map and Territory

Health data is the new cartography of health territories. Data has become a prospective and structuring factor for future developments. Mastering these new tools has come to be a necessity for managing both daily life and preparing for the future. The announcement of the European Health Data Space plan can only reinforce this trend and support its development, while securing its applications, as we have long wished for. We have made this objective a priority because it is through knowledge of practices, patient flows and results measured in terms of quality of care that the medico-economic performance of health systems will be determined. There are many interesting initiatives, and the commitment of IT professionals is impressive, but we must master this tool without delay. The hospital of the future will also, or above all, be a data hub. European encouragement and support in this area is an opportunity to be seized. Ethics and efficiency will be our guiding principles. Because our future depends on our capacity for innovation.

Recent crises have shown our vulnerabilities, our community space is both to be protected and strengthened. Solidarity at our borders is tested by conflicts. Despite these tensions, we are pleased to invite you, after these difficult past years, to rediscover the pleasure of collaborative work and professional exchanges. This is why, on the initiative of the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals (APHP) and its President Oscar Gaspar, we are inviting you to meet in Lisbon on 23 June for the very first European Private Hospital Awards (EPHA) to reward the initiatives of our hospitals and clinics during this difficult period at the service of European patients. We have received 72 applications in 7 different categories! We will be happy to reward the best professional achievements, and thus renew the collaborative bond that is the very essence of our business. We need to rebuild the partnership and collaborative spirit that characterises our identity and our commitments, and this important event, under the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic, will contribute to this end.

Come and join us in Lisbon for the European Private Hospital Awards!

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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