European Union of Private Hospitals

January 2017 – Happy new year? Yes, but…!

What are the major challenges of an important new year? Since 2007, uncertainty is becoming a regular partner in our agenda. In all EU Member States, major elections could change government and policy choices during 2017. The reaction to Brexit is to be measured without actual clear solution. A new elected president in the United-States willing to change world trade regulation, including international relationships within Europe.
In this context, social policy and healthcare system organisations can be shocked by new constraints. We have to propose solutions and not passively suffer from hard decisions. May we repeat that UEHP is an actor of changes, offering an efficient service dedicated to patients, limiting waste and adverse events. An economic regulation must now include quality indicators and performance measurement to assess sustainability in healthcare system. Please read with the highest interest the OECD recommendations recently published. Private sector is engaged in a positive competition to offer the best service, following performance engagement.
To fight waiting lists, to enhance patient mobility, a European perspective is required. We will organise this year an important meeting with the support of the Portuguese Health Minister to discuss of a renewed collaboration between providers, offering the best services to all citizens. We will be the partner of an informed decision including IT in our “smart hospitals”, information is the strongest force we know for a free choice of patients.
Accept the message of all the UEHP Board Members, the Secretary General and all private hospital managers as partners of our association, we wish you the best perspective and success in this challenging year.
Dr Paul Garassus
President of the UEHP

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