European Union of Private Hospitals

Nov 22 – War and… peace

2022 is a turning point. A transition after the major shock of a war at our borders, a global and especially European crisis. After the ordeal of COVID-19, which highlighted our vulnerabilities in the supply chain, there is need for coordinated actions which reflect our strengthened solidarity. At our borders we are grateful for the humanitarian response of our colleagues in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. They have committed themselves to providing the best possible support to the suffering people of Ukraine. The fragility of our world is thus exposed, and our united response can only strengthen the principle of cooperation in a European space that is a model of social protection and commitment to health.

Liberalism is linked to democracy in a reciprocal way. Our future actions must be sustained by our common principles, but the response to international challenges can only be conceived with the power of solidarity.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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