European Union of Private Hospitals

October 2020 – The second wave is here

After the major threat of the first COVID-19 surge, the second wave is now overwhelming Europe. During the spring, our healthcare systems were deeply shaken by the danger of high risk but limited clusters. Some regions were severely affected, others less and some not at all. However now nearly all Member States are facing the same challenges to contain the spread of the infection and reduce fatalities. All hospitals, private and public, are concerned. UEHP is engaged in the coordination of actions and in the sharing of relevant information. However, the biggest challenge today is certainly the workforce. Healthcare providers showed and continue to show their resilience and their professional dedication to overcome this difficult time, but they are exhausted, and it is difficult to maintain nurses and caregiver teams motivated. Health service provision has been reduced in some regions to increase bed capacity and the provision of services for COVID-19 patients, but the pressure is on and we must be fully aware of the consequences. Hospitals must be supported by all means available to maintain the provision of care and the admission of critically ill patients. Our social model is being challenged. We are on the front lines of the health care response to this great threat concerning the European population. We are at work!

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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