European Union of Private Hospitals

October 2016 – “Smart Hospitals” Challenge the future : how UEHP is driving the change

The European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) celebrated its 25th anniversary in Rome this year. We have now to prepare for the next 25 years, challenging the necessary evolution of healthcare systems including innovative technology.

Our goal is to ensure equal access to quality treatments in all countries for all European citizens, as well as to respect sustainability and e­fficiency of the health systems. Patient mobility is a chance, and we have to manage this challenge of a competitive offer reducing waiting lists.
UEHP is involved in a long term cooperation with patient associations, healthcare experts and policy makers. We organise our working sessions in all Member States, recently in Italy and Bulgaria, meeting MEPs and Ministries to be connected with health policy reforms. A proactive evolution of healthcare systems will be European and not only national, each experience being useful for all. We are concerned with quality standards implementation, as financial incentives including outcome for positive reforms.
The key to success is being actors of change. The future of hospitals will integrate new technologies, cooperation between actors, and a more confident relationship with an informed European patient. All UEHP members prepare this major challenge to transform uncertainty into achievements and progress. It is time to strategic investments, including adaptation to medical progress and IT revolution integration. A connected hospital, a “smart hospital”, just like a smartphone, could be the relevant image. A new deal for cooperation with the healthcare sector industries is required, including the full involvement of all professionals to assess a global successful performance. Barriers remain to be broken !
As stakeholders of European working groups on quality, patient safety, e-health, strategic investment, UEHP expresses the position of private hospitals ready to the next IT revolution. UEHP is an active partner of change, working on new financing rules, integrating public and private insurances reforms. New fields will be explored for prevention, education and training, professional cooperation. But efficiency remains our major goal to offer the right service “on time” to an informed patient.
We have to effectively realize the modernization of healthcare. UEHP accepts the challenge of performance for the next hospital generation, an hospital connected with patients and professionals, accessible for a quality service without delay. Sustainability of social systems depends now and for the next 25 years on the management of innovative performances, certainly with the greatest implication of the private sector.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of the UEHP

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