European Union of Private Hospitals

Sept 22 – Tips & Tricks

The functioning of the hospital is based on the experience of healthcare professionals. Those professionals have an extensive education, but they also undergo a necessary continuous training.  A recent friendly discussion with an experienced nurse provided me with some pertinent insight. We were discussing the interest of the younger generation, generation Z, in the medical professions and the importance of work-life quality, both of which are the guarantee of team stability and quality of care. This echoed a recent conference at the European Parliament organized by CEDEFOP on “Employment, skills and social policies that work for young Europeans in times of uncertainty”.

This nurse explained to me the need for integration within the teams, the time needed to go beyond the issues of working hours, vacation or collaborative spirit. She devotes time to “tips and tricks” that allow technical and human solutions based on professional experience to be put into practice at the patient’s bedside, and which in fact condition the individual and collective efficiency of the caregivers.

It is indeed this passing on of knowledge that we are attached to and that allows us to assume a very specific attitude in caregiving. The “human factor” will be the theme of the risk management meetings we are preparing because it is the central issue in our hospital organizations. And we will share with you our “tips and tricks” based on our experience at the service of the people we care for.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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