European Union of Private Hospitals

Sept 23 – Hospitals for Quality and Safety

The event organized on September 17 by the World Health Organization-HQ, the World Patient Safety Day 2023 on the theme Patient and family engagement (a Decade of Patient Safety 2021-2030), was also an occasion for international mobilization.

Service to patients and their families remains at the heart of our concerns as caregivers. While we continue to focus on quality of care, our commitments must also take into account the current economic context. The turmoil caused by inflation and central bank counter-measures to raise interest rates are changing investment strategies. State budget constraints are exerting negative pressure on healthcare provision. In Germany, hospitals have decided to take joint action to positively influence ongoing reforms.

This month, we had the pleasure of being invited to Warsaw by the Polish OSSP delegation, a long-standing UEHP member, where we met the Secretary of State for Health. We would like to thank the authorities and our colleagues for this remarkable meeting which took place in the run-up to elections which are being observed by the whole of Europe.

Sadly, we had to mourn the death of our friend Véronique TRILLET-LENOIR, a prominent French oncologist and Member of the European Parliament. She was highly respected for her dedication to improving the health of Europeans and her commitment to fighting against cancer. President Emmanuel Macron has paid a moving tribute to her memory. We would like to express our profound sadness, which, for my part, is linked to more than forty years of complicity since we first studied Medicine together at the Université Lyon I.

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