European Union of Private Hospitals

September 2021 – The day after

The day after

Step by step, we can gradually return to a more normal life, provided we respect the recommendations in place.
For our Secretary General in Brussels, this is an opportunity to renew collaborative contacts with the representatives of all our partners in Brussels, but also at the European Parliament and soon at the Commission.
For us, it is an opportunity to get back to in-person meetings such as the recent FHP congress in Marseille. But also, at the international level, with our presence at the HBI – Healthcare Business International Meeting in London, where health experts and investors converge. May these anticipated steps be beneficial to all of us in terms of building and sharing projects. Other than efficiency, it is the warmth of human interaction that brings motivation to our professional spaces, which is useful to us.
We wish you all a good start for this new work season and we look forward to direct contacts among all European Member States.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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