European Union of Private Hospitals

CAHPP Meets UN goals for Sustainable Development

APRIL 2019.

UEHP partner CAHPP has been engaged in a sustainable development approach since 2012 and is adapting its 2018-2020 policy to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

In August 2015, 193 countries adopted the new sustainable development agenda converging around 17 UN goals as well as a global agreement on climate change (Paris Agreement adopted at COP 21).

Furthermore, CAHPP is the only consulting and referencing center in France having obtained the 3rd level (out of 4) of the AFNOR’s AFAQ Focus CSR Responsible Purchasing International certification.

What are CAHPP actions ?

In addition to regular internal training for its 70 employees, monthly webinars are organized with the industry to ensure a consistent increasing power of all actors. Information and exchange seminars are organized at least twice a year with healthcare establishments. Finally, each year, CAHPP awards 4 scholarships to institutions to reward them for their action in sustainable development.

Informed buyers

CAHPP analyzes and evaluates the sustainable development strategy of its suppliers referenced via a “green index” (A, A +, A ++) dispayed on CAHPP product and service catalogs to manufacturers who meet the strict specifications.

This CAHPP online evaluation tool has been in use since 2012. The evaluation is based on more than 33 questions grouped into 6 themes that suppliers can answer over a defined period. 3 questions are disqualifying. A CAHPP control cell then checks each answer and the required proofs. The online tool gives a score to each supplier and service provider, as well as areas for improvement for the following year. Since 2013, the evaluation also takes into account the evolution of the quantified indicators supplied by suppliers from one year to the next.

SDG n°12

Since 2018, CAHPP has come down to the product level with the program “CAHPP is committed” on the promotion of products and services analyzed with regard to health and the environment. It thus meets Sustainable Development Goal number 12 “Responsible consumption and production”.

Progressively CAHPP actions will be developed in accordance with each of the 17 SDGs.