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Clinique St. Pierre (Perpignan) implants the first leadless intracardiac pacemaker


With a size of less than one-tenth of that of conventional pacemakers, the Micra GST device is the smallest pacemaker in the world, designed to provide patients with bradycardia stimulation using the most advanced technology.

It is small enough to be introduced into the venous network using invasive catheterisation techniques and to be implanted directly into the heart. It offers the aesthetic advantage of invisibility. Designed primarily to stimulate only the ventricles, this device brings the added advantage of being leadless, which obviates the need for a subcutaneous pocket for the medical device. It is also compatible with other systems, as well as with 1.5 and 3 Tesla MRI.

The complications inherent to the lead are also avoided: problems with infection, failure and erosion of the system, moving, haematomas requiring surgery, etc.

It is estimated that of the whole population eligible for implantation of a pacemaker, 15 to 20% of patients require single-chamber stimulation.