European Union of Private Hospitals

Elsan Group


Elsan, France’s second largest private clinics group, developed very rapidly in the past two years. In 2017, Elsan acquired the 3rd French private clinics group MédiPôle Partenaires, only two years after Elsan’s creation with the merger between two other groups: Vedici and Vitalia.

Elsan operates 120 middle-sized clinics, disseminated all over the country, employs 25.000 people and counts 6.500 practitioners. It represents 20 % of the private health care sector activity in France and welcomes 2 million patients each year.

Despite being a big group, we keep the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up, that we would like to keep in order to have a positive impact on our sector. Our ambition is to have a leading position in healthcare transformation in France while pursuing our mission consisting in offering high quality, innovative and human health care services to all and everywhere.

One of our current projects is to enhance the development of e-health in France. Elsan cooperates with Docapost, a national leading operator in digital health transformation and patients data hosting, in order to make digital patient roadmaps available to all patients. A Elsan/OpinionWay survey from March 2017 reveals that 59% of French people would like to access e-health services. Docapost and Elsan will then join their know-how and national network in order create secured digital platforms to coordinate the work of health care professionals for each patient during and after clinic stays. The first solutions will be available by the end of 2018.

With this partnership, Elsan aims to improve the quality and the relevance of health care services delivered with a more effective exchange of information upstream and downstream. Those new services will be particularly useful for the follow up of patients with chronic diseases and for those who don’t easily have access to medical care, especially in ‟medical deserts”.

Our health care system is very fragile and out of breath. The deficits of public hospitals are reaching historical and critical levels. About 150 private clinics out of 1.000 in France are also at risk. The organizational system must be completely redesigned. In addition, the sector is undergoing a transformation with many technological and therapeutic innovations. Our entrepreneurial spirit, our agility and our presence all over the territory are major assets to be a responsible leader of those transformations.