European Union of Private Hospitals

Private hospital trophies 2018


FHP (French Federation of Private Hospitals) presented Wednesday, December 12th its annual Trophies which reward outstanding initiatives implemented by private clinics and hospitals.

The winners were selected by a jury of recognized and independent personalities from the health sector in four categories:

  • Innovative organization of the health care pathway (new category)
  • Socially responsible clinic
  • Patient relation
  • Medical excellence

Every year, it is with great emotion that I present these trophies,” said Lamine Gharbi, president of FHP. “In fact, even if these trophies represent a reward, they are above all the recognition of the commitment of all our establishments to serve the 9 million patients they welcome every year. This commitment is made of competence, enthusiasm and a lot of work. It is the guarantor of the quality of the care provided in our 1030 private clinics and hospitals. It is a real sense of pride for me to highlight the institutions and teams that embody this ongoing mobilization of private hospitals, despite the difficulties sometimes encountered.

The winners

Category innovative organization of the health care pathway

– Winner: Clinique Provence Bourbonne (Aubagne) for the project “A Serious Game” involving patients in their rehabilitation in neurological reha centers. The goal of this “serious game” called S’TIM (esteem) is to help patients recover their cognitive and executive functions such as locating themselves in time and space, planning a task and adapting to a context.

Category socially responsible clinic

– Winner: Clinique de Miremont (Badens) for the project “Clinique de Miremont: from chaos to a beautiful renaissance, or how to recover performance through well-being at work”. The goal of this initiative is to make the quality of life at work a fundamental value and a priority within the Clinique de Miremont to implement a culture of performance through well-being.

Category : Patient relation

– Winner: Clinique de l’Union (Saint-Jean) at Saint Jean for the project “Sensoriality at the heart of the parent-child relation in neonatology”. The goal is to allow mother and child to live together harmoniously thanks to rooms equipped with two distinct spaces and with a material protecting the neurosensory development of the babies from noise disturbance, luminous and tactile aggressions. This architecture adjusts to the constraints related to medical care and / or neurosensory disability of the parents.

Category Medical excellence

– Winner: Hôpital Privé Jean Mermoz, (Lyon) for the project “Pancreatic surgery with robotic assistance: feasibility pilot study”. The project aims to reduce the mortality / morbidity rate and improve surgical efficiency, through the development of minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopic and robotic surgeries).

Jury’s Coup de Coeur

– Winner: Polyclinique du Cotentin (Equeurdreville) for the project “Physician recruitment campaign:” We are Med’in Cherbourg, and you? “. Launched on social networks, this campaign is carried out by the practitioners of the Cotentin Polyclinic and the Cotentin Public Hospital Center (CHPC) aimed at current and future medical colleagues: “We are Med’in Cherbourg, and you? “. This innovative initiative makes it possible, within the framework of a precious public-private cooperation, to present a dynamic city whose population is attached to its territory, taking advantage in particular of sea leisure activities for an exceptional quality of life, with doctors proud of their working tool and very satisfied with their practice conditions in Cherbourg. This campaign, which is part of a territorial dynamic, benefits from the support of local businesses.