European Union of Private Hospitals

Great Success of the Campaign “Rehab, make it better”

FEBRUARY 2020 – The campaign “Rehab, make it better!”, which brings together around 250 rehabilitation institutions and several associations and federations (including BDPK, German Federation Private Hospitals), has won over almost 2,000 supporters in the first three months, and the number of signatories continues to rise.

The campaign launched on October 2019 is an initiative for the future of rehabilitation and is committed to strengthening rehabilitation throughout Germany. The main objectives include making it easier for patients to access suitable rehabilitation facilities, ensuring that rehabilitation services are fairly remunerated and that in the competition between clinics, it is finally quality that counts – not just the lowest price.

The campaign is a Germany-wide online initiative that provides information about the daily problems of rehabilitation via the website www.rehamachtsbesser.de. Employees and patients report from the facilities, share their positive experiences and rehabilitation successes, but also point out the difficulties in everyday rehabilitation, which are often due to underfunding. Demands made by the service providers to the politicians mainly concern the topics “approval of rehabilitation measures”, “higher remuneration rates” and “free choice of clinic”.