European Union of Private Hospitals

HPA health group / Algarve – Alentejo – Madeira

JULY 2019.

By João Pimenta – Hospital São Gonçalo – Lagos  e Clínicas Região Alentejo

1/ How does the activity of your hospital change during summertime?

We have extensive experience in the medical care needed by our tourists, both Portuguese and foreign tourists, as all our units are located in touristic regions: the Algarve, Coastal Region of the Alentejo and the Island of Madeira.

The issue that arises in the summer is that medical care, especially emergency care, increases substantially, both adult and pediatric care.

2/ Which departments are the most impacted?

The departments that receive the most impact during high season, in addition to the Emergency Units, are the Operating Theatres for traumatic (Orthopedic) and Surgical Emergencies and consequently, the In-Patients Unit where these patients are transferred for recovery.

Then there are two other services that end up having an exponential growth considering that emergency situations require complementary diagnostic tests: the Imaging Department and the Analysis Laboratory.

3/ What is the biggest challenge for your hospital during summertime?

Maintaining personalized monitoring, but also quality and safety care. Our Units are accredited quality certified units. We are therefore required to always keep our high standards regardless of patient flow.