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Klinik-Fakten (hospital facts) website goes online

JUNE 2021 – One-sided or false information leads to distorted judgements. Klinik-Fakten.de counteracts this and uncovers false reports, rumours and half-truths in the health sector.

The website www.klinik-fakten.de, developed under the auspices of the BDPK, is now online. Experts from various disciplines provide factual, independent and non-partisan information on current topics in the health care sector.
With this new information offer, the BDPK wants to counteract biased reporting or misinformation, which often leads to distorted judgements. To this end, (mis)information, prejudices and half-truths in and about the health system are addressed and clarified on the portal. In addition to the main topics of quality, personnel, competition, responsibility and income, the website contains the sections “Headlines” and “Local”, which deal with current media reports and representations. The focus is on publications concerning inpatient care, which are analyzed and, if necessary, corrected.
Initially, the editorial team consists of a national network of employees from the member institutions of the BDPK, who belong to different disciplines (medicine, economics, law, media) and bring their professional expertise to the various topics and issues of the BDPK.
Particularly in the case of polarizing or controversial topics, www.klinik-fakten.de aims to provide clarity and objectivity on the basis of verifiable, rational and objective facts. Although the initiative for the website was taken by the BDPK, the association would like to make it clear that with the creation of its own website, there will be no one-sided consideration or debate: No facts are to be created, but facts are to be presented openly. www.klinik-fakten.de