European Union of Private Hospitals

New health law


On February the 13th , Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health in France, presented to the Council of Ministers a draft law on the organization and transformation of the healthcare system. This bill is intended to implement the health strategy announced last september by Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. It should be adopted before summer.

The Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) has already initiated a series of appointments and hearings with parliamentarians, to enrich this bill and carry a truly ambitious vision for the transformation of the French healthcare system and improvement of quality and relevance of care in all French territories.

But several major measures will be implemented by means of “ordonnances” (executive orders), to allow more time for consultation: definition of the framework and missions of the new “local hospitals” (that we wish to name “local health establishments”), reform of authorizations … FHP is fully mobilized on all this strategic topics essential for the future of private hospitalization, always with the constant concern to ensure equal treatment between public and private hospitalization.

A real transformation of the healthcare system for the benefit of the patient cannot be achieved without the participation of all stakeholders. It is also crucial to remain closely focused on health needs. This is the heart of the message we carry: we must all fulfill our missions of “service to the public”, with equal rights and duties.