European Union of Private Hospitals

PremiQaMed Group

JULY 2018.

What is the PremiQaMed Group position in the Austrian Healthcare market?

The PremiQaMed Group, created in 1991, ranks among Austria’s top private hospitals. Its five acute care clinics in Vienna, Salzburg, Styria, welcomed in 2017 more than 44.600 inpatient-cases from home and abroad, 4.218 births and 195.000 hospital days. The group employs 1.800 professionals and counts 674 beds. PremiQaMed stands for sustainable, innovative and responsible management of health care facilities with a focus on top quality and top performance. The group clinics, renowned for their high level of care, efficiency and service orientation, enjoy an outstanding patient satisfaction level : 96% for medical treatment and care and 96,7% for recommandation.

What are the latest news of the PremiQaMed Group?

PremiQaMed is following an ambitious investment plan in order to ensure state-of-the-art medical services and facilities. Among the latest projects a 9 million Euro investment plan for the acute care Clinic Graz Ragnitz, with the building of a fifth operating room, additional modern office capacities and the construction of an extension with 14 single rooms. Besides, PremiQaMed is about to begin with the transfer on one site of two of its clinics in Salzburg. The new clinic will become one of the most modern hospital in the area, attractive for practitionners and patients, offering a comprehensive medical spectrum including a maternity, acute care and extended diagnostics and a dialysis center.

PremiQaMed received in November 2017 the Silver award from Best Recruiters, placing the group at the second place among Austrian top recruiter in the health/social care sector.

What is PremiQaMed roadmap for the coming years?

PremiQaMed’s main target is to implement its new quality management strategy, which is based on three fields (top results, top quality, top cooperation) and nine strategy goals like patient satisfaction enhancement, service and medical spectrum development, quality and processes optimization, employee career and satisfaction, digitalization, etc.

Besides, Innovation and new technologies belong to PremiQaMed ongoing development strategy. Since 2017, all PremiQaMed clinics have a fully equiped Intensive Care Unit with high tech equipments and medical teams available 24h/day. New surgical techniques are also available to patients thanks to investments in high-end equipments and the technical ability of PremiQaMed surgeons and practitioners. For instance, since a few months, men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia can benefit from a minimally invasive surgical procedure, a prostate artery embolization (PAE) at the Confraternity Private Clinic in Vienna.

Another point on the agenda this year will be the follow up of the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).

What are the main challenges that the private healthcare sector in Austria is facing?

The main question is not what private clinics can do more, rather which importance is given to private healthcare. The performance of private hospitals in Austria has tremendously increased in recent decades – and the growing number of patients also speaks for itself. PremiQaMed clinics are modern companies, in which most of operations and treatments of the medical service spectrum can take place.

Private hospitals are subject to the same regulations as non private for profit hospitals, but are not paid the same. For years, we have been raising our voice for funding that follows the principle of equal money for equal performance.