European Union of Private Hospitals

Private hospital providers have the capacity to free up a high amount of ICU high care beds

During the corona pandemic, privately-owned hospitals are trying to create as much capacity as possible for COVID-19 patients.
According to the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), privately owned hospitals have a total of 4,034 intensive care beds. The large hospital groups own 2,915 intensive care beds. There are also a further 944 beds in these houses, which can be converted into intensive beds within 48 hours.


Current figures of the large private hospital associations (AMEOS Group, Asklepios Kliniken, Helios Kliniken, Paracelsus, Sana Kliniken, Schön Klinik). The figures in the table are based on a current association survey (as of April 15, 2020). Cross-agency figures can be found on the DIVI website.