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Private hospitals reinforce their position in the Portuguese Health System

APRIL 2017.

On the occasion of World Health Day – April 7 – the INE presents the annual publication of Health Statistics for the period 2005-2015, which allows us to conclude that, for the first time in the history of the Portuguese Health System, hospitals with private management (115) represent the majority of inpatient health facilities.

According to the INE, the most relevant facts of the Portuguese health system in recent years were:
  1. The upward tendency in the number of private hospitals (from 91 in 2005 to 111 in 2015). Furthermore, it should be noted, that out of the 225 existing hospitals in Portugal 115 are privately managed (111 are private hospitals and 4 are privately managed).
  2. The increase in emergency care admissions in private hospitals (+ 14.5% compared to 2014);
  3. The increase in the number of available inpatient beds in private hospitals (880 more than in 2014, an increase of de 8.5%);
  4. The upward tendency in the number of outpatient medical consultations, especially in private hospitals (about 500 thousand more consultations than in 2014, an increase of 9.5%).

The most recent statistics show that private hospitals have a very significant presence in the Portuguese health system, and an increasing number of Portuguese citizens rely on private hospitals for their health care.
Private hospitals have made a continuous effort to invest in terms of network expansion, innovative equipment and reinforcement of training and research.
The Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals has the pleasure of joining the World Health Day commemoration with a message of recognition and gratitude towards all health professionals who, every day, put their effort, knowledge and competence at the service of Portuguese citizens to improve health care provision. APHP salutes, at the same time, private hospitals for their dynamic performance.
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Data by the National Statistics Institute (INE) confirm that private hospitals are already in majority.