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Ramsay Générale de Santé

JUNE 2018.

By Pascal Roché, General Manager of Ramsay Générale de Santé (RGDS)

What is Ramsay Générale de Santé (RGDS) position in the French Healthcare market?

Ramsay Générale de Santé (RGDS) is the biggest French private hospital group, with 120 hospitals and health centres. It counts over 23.000 employees and 6.000 practitioners. Besides, RGDS detains 17 % of market share in France, offering medical care to 2 million patients, welcoming 32.000 newborns and 550.000 emergency care patients. One surgical operation out of 10 in France is performed by RGDS, taking a leading position in cancer treatment, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and cardiovascular surgery but also in dialysis treatment (figures 2017).

67 % of surgery performed in RGDS hospitals is ambulatory surgery (versus 50 % at national level).

150 million Euros are invested each year in the creation of new healthcare facilities, in the modernization of our hospitals or in new equipment and innovation.

What is the RGDS roadmap for the coming years?

Our group roadmap is called “Let’s DO IT 2020”, D for digital, O for optimisation, I for innovation and T for talent.

The digital transformation process places customer experience as a main driver to define changes. In this respect, RGDS launched an online services portal, called “Ramsay Services” which aim is to “Simplify your health” with many applications like online registration, appointments and follow ups…

“Ramsay Start’Op !” is an organisational optimization programme, which defines for each hospital improvement goals in several fields: management, organisation of care delivery, logistics,… By 2019 all RGDS will have completed this program.

The third objective -Innovation – opens the boundaries of care and service delivery with differentiated and attractive offers to patients, doctors and employees. This means the integration of high tech in surgery, anaesthesia and radiology, the creation of new ways to accompany patients – some nurses are specially trained to support weak patients in cancerology, or coordinators do the link between the hospital and general practitioners.

To be prepared for the future means also to attract and retain talents in the long run, offer training possibilities and career opportunities for all employees.

RGDS hopes long-term benefits from its strategic transformation plan.

What are the latest news of the RGDS foundation?

RGDS has its own foundation, which main mission is to sustain projects related to prevention and public health. It has launched with INCO, an international global leader in new economy, “Prevent2CareLab”, the first start-ups incubator dedicated to prevention of diseases. The first call for projects has just taken place and 13 start-ups will benefit from the programme during 9 months.

A recent project of the foundation is the creation of the first Observatory of stress. Supported by its scientific college, its 6.000 practitioners and 18.000 health care professionals, the foundation has published a cartography of stress and its associated health problems.


Otherwise also recently, RGDS has renewed its collaboration with Roche Laboratory, for the project “Personalized reimbursement project “, which is a collaboration with stakeholders to find innovative pricing solutions which can move pricing from volume-based to value-based, give payers and healthcare authorities more flexibility when it comes to reimbursement decisions, and ensure continued access to innovative medicines for patients.

What are the main challenges that the private healthcare sector in France is facing?

The health sector faces many challenges. In the long term: the evolution of patients and practitioners’ needs, the increase in chronic diseases, the ageing population, the development of ambulatory care … In the short term: the strong pressure on tariffs, a complex legislative context, a market in overcapacity … “At RGDS, we see our leadership as a requirement to ensure the best quality care to our patients”, declares Pascal Roché, General Manager of RGDS in the annual report.