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„Sana Prevent“, a Custom made prevention

JUNE 2019.

The German private hospital group Sana is expanding its range of services to include the new business area “Sana Prevent”. Under this brand name, prevention centers providing individual services to corporate customers and private patients will open all over Germany. The first “Sana Prevent” centre opened in June 2019 in Berlin on the campus of the Sana Hospital Lichtenberg.

With Sana Prevent, we are not just extending our area of performance” declares Thomas Lemke, Chief Executive Officer of Sana Kliniken AG. “Our extensive medical expertise is also being used at an early stage to prevent illnesses rather than just fight them.”

The investment in the area of ​​health care prevention is an important step in the strategic development of the company.

It responds to the growing demand for preventive medical services, not just from private individuals, “Companies are increasingly realizing that corporate health management pays off for both sides: employees benefit from a better health and the company from fewer absences.

The concept of Sana Prevent is specially tailored to companies and their employees. Corporate clients have the opportunity to set themselves a transparent budget for the medical examinations of their employees. Within this frame, employees can put together their own examination programme. Further investigations are possible at any time against additional payment from the participant. For added convenience, Sana Prevent centres don’t have a classic hospital atmosphere. “Our services take place in exclusive and modern premises, which are simultaneously connected to the Sana network “, says Dr. med. Jens Schick, Member of the Executive Board of Sana Kliniken AG (COO). “This way, Sana Prevent combines the medical expertise of Sana clinics with a high level of service.

Investigations according to the modular principle

The medical offer itself is specifically oriented to the needs of the participant. In order to be as individualized as possible, Sana Prevent applies the modular principle: additional comprehensive modules can flexibly be added to a comprehensive basic provision, which includes relevant examinations and consultations for all participants. “This ensures that each participant receives exactly what he/she needs right away,” says Dr. med. Birgit Hildebrandt, Medical Director of Sana Prevent and prevention physician in Berlin.

The services include classic examinations, such as colorectal, skin and breast cancer screenings, but also lifestyle-oriented screenings, based on the latest findings, as for instance in stress medicine. “At the end of the day, our participants go home with their personal guide to remain healthy.”

The first Sana Prevent location opened this week on the campus of Sana Hospital Lichtenberg in Berlin. “Berlin is the beginning; Our goal is to build a Germany-wide network that also offers our first-class medicine in the area of healthcare ​​prevention“, says CEO Lemke. At least two more locations are to be added this year.


Picture: sana.de