European Union of Private Hospitals

Spotlight on private emergency services

JULY 2019.

Media news of June and July were marked by strikes amid public emergency rooms. Doctors and health workers denounced a major congestion of emergency rooms and warned of its consequences over their working conditions and the quality of care for patients.

In this context, President of the FHP, Lamine Gharbi, spoke to the media to recall the existence of 126 private emergency rooms where nearly 3 million patients are taken care of each year. Still, the private emergency rooms remain underused. By doubling the number of patients admitted, private hospitals and clinics could usefully relieve public emergency rooms.

The President of FHP reminded in several radio and television shows that patients are cared under the same financial conditions in private or public emergencies rooms. TF1, the largest television channel in France, showed the optimal functioning of a private emergency room without obstruction and where patients are treated under the same financial conditions as in public hospital.

Following this media campaign, French Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, publicly acknowledged the importance of private emergency rooms when she appeared on the program “Le Grand Rendez-Vous” on the CNews channel.

FHP is now mobilizing to guarantee health workers from private emergency rooms the same bonuses announced by the Government for public emergency rooms teams.