European Union of Private Hospitals

Vote for health!

FEBRAURY 2022 – The health crisis still dominates the news. At least, it has made it possible to acknowledge the remarkable mobilisation of health actors while highlighting ways to improve the system itself.

In a few weeks’ time, a major democratic event will take place in France: the presidential elections on 10 and 24 April, followed by the legislative elections. The French Federation of Private Hospitals hopes that the pre-electoral debates will enable us to learn the most useful lessons from the health crisis for the future, and above all will provide an opportunity for in-depth debates on health in our country.
We do not expect candidates to engage in a hyper-competition of announcements, battles over figures and Manichean postures. We expect the future President of the Republic to see the health sector as an opportunity and an asset, a source of high value-added employment, a factor of social cohesion and a source of innovation.
In order to fully contribute to disseminating this vision, the FHP has built up a campaign called “Vote for health!” (votonssante.fr), a set of very concrete proposals that we will present to the main candidates.
We would like the future head of state to give a powerful impetus to prevention, ecological transition, quality and relevance of care, the place of patients and e-health.
We hope that he or she will be able to bring together public and private actors around public service missions, in a balanced and equitable way, to meet the needs of patients in all territories, especially in places where access to care is currently problematic.
We expect her or him to be aware that in order to build the care society of tomorrow, it is imperative to massively train health workers, increase the attractiveness of the health professions and anticipate the skill requirements of the future.
Finally, we hope that at the top of the State, the need for a less compartmentalised, less fragmented governance of health, based on transparency, trust and contractual agreements will be fully perceived.
These are the messages that we are currently conveying by meeting the main candidates. Some of these messages are shared with the other professional federations, and transcend differences in status. Others, such as the issues of employment and training, are concerns that are widely shared with other European countries, and we must continue to work on them. The UEHP is the privileged framework for this.