European Union of Private Hospitals

Working and serving in a pandemic year

JUNE 2021 – We are in 2021 and APHP is celebrating a remarkable milestone: 50 years of representing the private hospital sector in Portugal. What a journey it has been! Year after year, private hospitals have been fulfilling their role and making the investments that have led to clinical excellence, greater national coverage and today we constitute an increasingly respected sector.

COVID-19. The past year brought unthinkable challenges and limitations to the planned care activity. Generally speaking, the world was brought to a halt by the pandemic waves.
From the outset, Portuguese private hospitals were willing to participate in the national fight against COVID-19 and although there are many examples of effective collaboration, the activation of the entire health system was penalized by planning solely centred on the public health service.
Regrettably, the private hospital sector spent an important part of the year being the target of discrimination and dogmatic assessments, at a time when it was most necessary and obvious that all resources should be harmoniously coordinated to face a global threat.
One of the most impressive impacts of COVID-19 was the clear realization that Health is a priority, that all countries must seek solutions for the efficiency, access and sustainability of their health systems and that is why it is important for us to evolve towards a European Health Union, and that is why the recent Oporto Declaration is so important.

2020 was a very challenging year and it was painful for everyone including private hospitals.
2021 is a year to learn lessons and to have a clear strategy to implement. For us, a year to systematize who we are and what we do and to present the potential and capacity of private hospitals.

The Portuguese association of private hospitals wanted to produce a special document in which we report the contribution and participation of the private hospital sector in the fight against COVID and portray the health sector and its perspectives.
“Working and serving in a pandemic year” is the title that we think will convey what we feel in this very difficult year but it is also a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the association, which is why we also wanted to bear witness to what we have accomplished and show who we are right now.