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UEHP signs the EU Health Coalition Manifesto for a Healthier Europe

Last 5 July, he EU Health Coalition launched its official Coalition’s Manifesto for a Healthier Europe, with some recommendations to the EU policy makers ahead of the European Elections in June 2024.

The time is now for health and the life science sector to be recognized as a strategic pillar for Europe, complementing and reinforcing the green and digital transitions

On the heels of the most severe pandemic in decades, European healthcare systems are facing a perfect storm of ageing populations, growing prevalence of chronic diseases, significant health workforce shortages, and the unfolding energy, climate, cost of living, and geopolitical crises. But we are also living in a new era of rapidly advancing science and breakthrough innovation that, from genomics to data analytics, is pushing the boundaries for better health and creating new opportunities to meet unmet health needs, including for underserved populations, and create better health for future generations. At stake are Europeans’ health and wellbeing and the continent’s economic resilience, prosperity, strategic autonomy, and ability to stay at the forefront of science and research.

With the 2024 European Parliament elections, we can spotlight the need for a robust and integrated strategy for health policy at the European level, building on a “One Health” approach. We believe that this is becoming increasingly critical to our people, our prosperity, and our planet.


  • Make European health systems truly integrated and people-centred
  • Invest in upskilling the European health workforce
  • Reframe healthcare expenditure as an investment, not a cost
  • Create the basis for Europe as a true research and innovation hub
  • Create a health and life science office in the European Commission, reporting to a Vice President, to spearhead a coherent European strategy for this sector

Background: The EU Health Coalition is made of 47 partners from different sectors of civil society and from all over Europe dedicated to driving change for a healthier Europe. UEHP is member of this coalition since 2018.