European Union of Private Hospitals

UEHP speaks at the 3rd COCIR eHealth Summit

Ilaria Giannico, Secretary General of UEHP spoke at the 3rd annual COCIR summit in December 2016 “Digital Health Innovation, Define, Measure, Impact” about “Big data in private hospitals”, presenting the positions of UEHP.

COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries. The annual summits gather policymakers, academia, civil society and the eHealth industry to develop a shared vision on the value of Digital Health Innovation to Europe.

UEHP has recommanded in its presentation an alignment of European national legislation on data protection and privacy; better resources allocation and more investments in new technologies; scientific research and comparative studies on Big Data in healthcare supported by EU; more integration in healthcare (enhanced cooperation between healthcare providers); more education and training on handling large amounts of data and strategy analysis of Big Data for hospital management; permanent attention to safety procedures on confidential data.

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